Sunday, September 11, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Last weekend I packed up the kids and headed to the 'Boro. We got to see the whole crew: Grammy and Papa Joe, the Davis family, and Aunt Boo. And let's not forget, Uncle Jason's Ipad.

They were all enthralled.

Isaac decided that the crowd around the Ipad was too great, so he requested the Nook Book.

This has been the best early- Christmas present ever! The kids love the books and apps that I've downloaded. Isaac is willing to ride to church with me, instead of daddy, if he can play on the Nook Book. Abby will sit QUIETLY and listen to stories. Andy is working on his vocabulary with the Little Critter books. Thank you Grammy Pat and Papa Joe!

Julia didn't want to have to share the Ipad either, so she got mommy's phone. It amazes me how tech-savvy these kids are! (not that they have a choice, really. They ARE related to Jason.)

Here Abby gets her turn with the Nook Book. It's a rare thing for Isaac to give it up, especially to a sister.

Grammy Pat's kitchen is a magical place. In it, my children have been introduced to new and exotic foods that have never before been seen in the Delk house. For example: cantaloupe. Well, this weekend, Issac was introduced to another fruit. Red grapes.
This might not seem significant, but until this day Isaac did not know that grapes came in colors other than green.

Here he is. Eating red grapes AND cantaloupe! It's a Labor Day miracle!

Of course Abby couldn't be left out of getting lunch praise. Good job, Abby!

This video refused to load where I wanted it. Oh well. Here is Andy with Uncle Jason's Ipad playing Samurai Fruit. You can tell Andy doesn't really care about the game so much as he cares about making colorful swipes on the page. Whatever, he was entertained. I have since downloaded the game on the Nook.

We had the girls playing a game of "Wake Up" on the love seat. The game is played as follows: 1. lie down. 2. Pop up. 3. Giggle. Think you can handle it?

Getting ready for the pop up!

Andy giving the girls "good night" kisses.

Good food, good family, and good shopping trip the next day. What a great way to spend a weekend! Thanks Grammy and Papa Joe!


Pat said...

Boy, the house was hoppin' with all those kids around. The best thing about technology is that it slows kids up and quiets them down. THAT was the Lobor Day miracle for me!

Grammy Pat

Jenny said...

So glad you got all these great pictures since the Davis family forgot their camera. We had so much fun! let's do it again soon!