Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lake Winnie

Joe's company picnic at Lake Winnie was today. I'm sure Joe will get on here later and tell all about it, but for now I can show you how prepared the kids were.

All happy with their backpacks. Abby and Andy are sporting their Thomas the Train backpacks from Aunt Jenny.

Isaac is being the responsible older brother and is carrying the "real" backpack with the supplies for the day.

If you'll notice, Isaac is also rockin' his new shoes from Cousin Joshua.

I enjoyed the day alone by going out and doing errands that I've been wanting to do. Then I came home and did laundry while watching the new movie of Jane Eyre.

Joe and the kids didn't get back home until 4:40 and they took late naps. We made sure to run them around the house to get them tired again. Check the posts under this one to hear their beautiful singing!

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Pat said...

They certainly look ready for a big day! I'm filled with questions: what rides did they take? what food did they eat? what adorable pictures was Joe able to take (or were his hands too full wrangling toddlers)?

I hope everyone had a wonderful time!

Grammy Pat