Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day visits

While the boys are in Florida having a ball (tee-hee), Abby and I took a mini-vacation to visit Grammy Pat and Papa Joe. We also got to see Aunt Boo, her friend Miss Dee (who Abby called "ten" most of the time- not sure why), Uncle Jason, Aunt Jenny, Josh-e-wash, and Julia. It was a full house, and it was fun! Not only were we celebrating the wonderful beings called Mothers, we were celebrating Grammy's birthday!

Happy birthday, Grammy!

You always make the grand kids feel special and uniquely loved! :)

Unfortunately, neither Jenny nor I took pictures of the experience. It was full of playing outside and eating lots of pizza. Once the cousins left, it was the Abby show. She loved it.

To make the vacation complete, we decided to go to church with Uncle Craig, Aunt Beth, and Uncle JD. I feel the need to point out that we arrived at church 15 min EARLY. W got to save the seats for everyone. Abby insisted on sitting next to Uncle Craig. She also let Craig color with her. Thanks to the French toast sticks Grammy Pat sent with us, she stayed relatively quiet.

After church we got McDonalds and went back to Craig and Beth's apartment to hang out.

Ever since Super Abby saved Uncle Craig from a life of boredom a while ago, he has become her favorite Uncle. (sorry JD and Jason!) Wherever Craig was, that was where Abby wanted to be.

Abby was nice enough to share the love with Aunt Beth.

And with Uncle JD.

After lunch, we took a nap in Craig and Beth's spare bedroom. (Thanks for that! I hate the thought of missing my nap time!) After the nap we had just enough time to play on Beth's exercise ball before we had to get on the road.

So, thanks to the Bradley- Millichap and Delk clans, Abby and I got to experience a fabulous Mini-Vacation. We will have to do this again sometime!


Pat said...

I thoroughly enjoyed my mother's day. Thanks, you Delks--that is, Jossy and Abby!

Grammy Pat

Jenny said...

Yes! Come back soon when school is out! :) Love you guys!

Beth said...

Thanks for the visit! It was fun! :) Great pics too!