Monday, January 10, 2011

Look what I found!!

I finally found my camera- and some old pictures I had not downloaded yet!!

These are from a visit from Grammy and Papa Joe- a few months ago. Before Isaac and Andy had their haircuts.

Abby reading a story to Papa Joe

Andy playing with Grammy

Abby showing off her skills

We went outside so the kids could show off their baseball skills. It was a little cold.

Abby at the bat!!

Isaac at the bat


Pat said...

That Isaac has some swing for a three-year-old! He really knows his way around a T-ball setup.

No fair, Mom! You had to post the video of Abby having a fit on Isaac? She'll never live it down!

Now, let's get some video of Andy!

I also found a bunch of pictures on my camera! I'll pass 'em along the next time you come to the Boro.

Grammy Pat

Jenny said...

Joshua was very impressed by Isaac's batting ability. He went hunting for a baseball of his own after seeing the video. He found one, but I've hidden it again.

Love all the pictures! See you guys soon - if the weather clears!