Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Isaac's Thoughtful Spot

Just like his favorite Disney character, Pooh Bear, Isaac has a thoughtful spot. He goes to his spot when he wants to escape; usually with a toy or two.

His thoughtful spot is... stair number three.

Here he is with a baseball. He is happily entertained with his dreams of one day becoming a famous pitcher. (For the Braves) However, he is not carrying a Braves ball. I have no idea which one it is.

When I confronted Isaac and asked him if he wanted to come play with Mommy, his reply was...


"Well," I said, "OK. Can Mommy play here with you?"

He decided to show me another place where I could play. Far away from him.

I can take a hint. He was safe and entertained, so I moved on.

He waited until I was far enough away before resuming his dreams of Pro Baseball stardom.
Isaac had his 18 month visit to the doctor today. Apparently, he remembered the office from his last visit and was not very well behaved for Daddy. (I did not take him so I can save my days for maternity leave) Isaac was found to be healthy, if not happy, and received three shots.
Joe deserves kudos for taking Isaac and putting up with a lot! Way to go, Joe!!


Pat said...

What a sweet, thoughtful little boy Isaac is! Maybe he's thinking about writing the great American baseball novel?

Hooray for Daddy, taking Isaac to his doctor's appointment! It's good practice for taking not one baby but two to a well-baby checkup!!!!

Jenny said...

Ha! I really love that Isaac has a thoughtful spot. Joshua has a spot in the corner of the living room, but he just goes there to fill his diaper in peace. :) Not so much to ponder the meaning of life...

Jenny said...

Glad Isaac liked the Kneebouncers site. It's a fun thing for Mommies and babies to do together. :) Hope you had a restful Labor Day!

Anonymous said...

When will the Lookouts game be posted!!!???

Anonymous said...

Or maybe you could just email some of the pictures...I really want to see the pics from the lookouts game and cherish them! Hope all is well this week!