Saturday, May 24, 2014

2014 Baseball Annual Road Trip - Day 1

Hello Everyone out there....This is Isaac taking over the blog again. We have started our 7th Annual Baseball Road Trip. It is hard to believe that we have been doing this for seven years now. Scroll back through the blog and check out the Carolina League in 2008, Minnesota in 2009, Pittsburgh and others in 2010, Florida State League Stops in 2011, Heading out to some of the Texas League in 2012, One stop with the Charlotte Knights in 2013. Now it is time to knock out some of the Eastern League in 2014.

Tonight we went to see the Louisville Bats. The Bats won against the Buffalo Bisons 6-0. I am not sure what a Bison is but Daddy tells me it is a big animal.

Before we went to the game we toured the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory. Andy, Daddy and myself thought it was pretty cool to watch them make some big league bats and go through the factory. Andy even got to push one of the buttons on the tour. We got to see one machine that finished the bats once they were cut. We got to keep some of the pegs from the bats as they were trimmed. The tour guide could not tell us who the bats were for but I think it is for Freddie Freeman. The coolest thing about the tour was the big bat out front. It was huge and went all the way up into the sky. I even got a culled bat from the museum that was pretty neat. Daddy said Mommy would be excited. The coolest thing about touring the museum was that we all got mini bats. Daddy again said Mommy would be soooooooo excited. I know I am.

The Bats play at Louisville Slugger Field. We got a ball during the game from #36 Raul Valdes. Daddy said that was pretty cool because he used to pitch for the Phillies, but this year he only pitched a few games for Houston before he was designated for assignment. That makes 36 balls for the year. Hopefully tomorrow we will get more.

Anyway enough writing...I know you guys just want to see pictures, so here you go.

This is Andy sitting in a replica dugout that is the Louisville Slugger Museum. 
 We each got to take a turn standing at the plate with a real major league bat. Andy is holding Pee Wee Reese's bat. His got good form and the stare down pat.

 I took my turn holding the bat and got to use batting gloves.
 Here we are the base of the big bat. I got my "cull" bat on my shoulder. Did I mention that one of the museum workers also gave me a Cleveland Indians bat. Mom is going to love it.
 Here is Buddy the Bat - Louisville's Mascot - He was funny.
 This is a picture I took of the Catcher #15 Mike Nickeas. I think this is a pretty good picture.
 View from the outfield Batter's Eye
Andy and I taking in the game

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