Thursday, May 29, 2014

2014 Annual Baseball Road Trip - Day 3 - Rochester, NY

Hello everyone out there, Isaac here to give you guys an update on our trip. We started out super early today because Rochester Red Wings had a day game because it is Memorial Day. We left the hotel at 4:30 AM this morning. Daddy told us we had to leave so early because he had a special treat for us. Andy thought it was ice cream but Daddy said we were going to Niagara Falls. Andy then thought we were going to Fall Creek Falls but he said this was a new waterfall. We went to the American side. Daddy kept talking about the fact that it had been over 18 years since he had been there. I am not sure how long that is but it seems like a really long time.

 This is from the overlook at the American Falls. I thought it was pretty cool. You can see the Horseshoe falls in the background.
 Andy like it, too. It really liked throwing sticks off the edge. Do not Grammy Pat and Delk, we did not get close. Daddy would not let us.
 This is Andy and I at the other side of the American Falls.

Andy really wanted to look to me to see what kind of reaction to get.
After awhile he just decided to chill and check out the waterfalls. He really wanted to look through the telescope.

I just thought it was cool as well.

 This is Andy and I at the Horse Shoe Falls. Daddy said Mommy would be impressed because we were so close to Canada. Andy really liked being at the top of the US.

After we left Niagara Falls, we drove to Rochester, NY. We watched the Red Wings play the Syracuse Chiefs. It was a really fun game. We got to give the mascot Spikes a high five during the 1st.

We really liked the game because the Red Wings won 10-5 and we were very excited. We got a ball in the top of the 9th from the Red Wings 3rd baseman Deibinson Romero.
We really liked it here in Rochester. And don't worry...Daddy did not stuff us full of hotdogs. It was just a really windy day.

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