Monday, December 17, 2012

The beauty of the Nutcracker...

The convenience of my living room!

The channel Ovation has been running different versions of the Nutcracker. I love watching different versions! Some are crazy, while some are more traditional. I watch it and think, "Dang, I wish I had talent."

Abby and Andy watched it with me and they thought, "What a fun dance party!"

Here are some videos I took of Abby being a ballerina, and Andy being her break-dancing prince.

And to make this post super-cute, I'm including the twins' fall pictures. :)


Pat said...

Abby is just like her Grammy Pat, who used to put her dad's records on the turntable and dance to them (or be melancholy to them when I was a dramatic teenager). The Nutcracker was a fave; also An American in Paris.

Those picture people! They know we can't resist cute pictures twice a year. . . . Love 'em!

Grammy Pat

Joanna said...

The best part by far was when Abby admonished, "Andy, that's not how princes dance." But good for Andy for sticking to his guns.

Tell Abby she can be a ballerina like her Aunt Boo!


Pat said...

Hmm. "Admonished." Aren't we the fancy-schmancy editor. :)