Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Delk Christmas 2012

Yesterday we celebrated Joe's family's Christmas in Cookeville. Uncle JD, Aunt Beth and Grammy Delk did all the cooking and it was fabulous!

 Little Diva. While the boys went on a manly shopping trip after lunch, we ladies got to watch The Little Mermaid. Best idea ever! (Aunt Beth)

 Uncle Craig and Andy

 Uncle Craig and Abby

 Papa Delk and Isaac

 Daddy and Isaac (Uncle JD and Andy in the background)

Aunt Beth being fabulous

The kids, of course, made out like bandits. Abby received all things Princess- dolls, jewelry, clothes, activities. Andy and Isaac received cars (66 Hot Wheels between the 2 of them) Angry Birds outfits, Andy received trains, and Isaac received things that require batteries. (I don't see the batteries lasting long.)

Mommy and Daddy received just what we asked for- gift cards and cash!! Merry Christmas to us!! :)

Santa also answered our wishes while driving home- naps for everyone in the backseat.

Stay posted for all thing Christmas! We still have 3 more to go!

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Pat said...

Step one of the Delk family Christmas marathon accomplished.

Hmm. Would a gas gift card be appropriate?

Grammy Pat