Tuesday, August 21, 2012

He's a big boy now!

It's official! Kindergarten and now... a lost tooth!
We got lots of different shots...

And we voted! How grown up are we?!
Joe and I were too squeamish to pull the tooth out ourselves, so I asked Ms. Laura at daycare to do it. (her kids are 10 and 8, so she's got experience!) Ike was a trooper! It didn't hurt at all!

Abby and Andy were happy too.

It gets easier from here... right?

p.s. I asked Joe to draw a cartoon tooth so I could make a bag for Ike's tooth and this is what I got. Joe always manages to impress me!


Pat said...

Congratulations, Isaac! You are even more handsome with a lost tooth, in a rakish, devil-may-care sort of way!

Grammy Pat

PS. Remember, I'll match whatever the tooth fairy brings you.

Joanna said...

This is so exciting! I already shared this with everyone I work with (whether they wanted to know it or not). And I just can't believe our little boy is growing up so fast.

Miss my little Delks!

Aunt Boo