Monday, August 6, 2012

Gommy Bradley would be proud!

I remember growing up when Gommy Bradley would come over to the house to help mom out by watching us girls. Gommy was always a ball of energy- laundry, dishes, vacuuming, making dinner, it was exhausting just watching her!

I loved seeing Gommy, but despaired at the knowledge that her visits meant I wouldn't get to finish my book that day- I was going to be too busy cleaning.

Looking back, I can see that she taught me quite a few life lessons.
1. Always clean the kitchen as you cook. It makes for a faster clean up. ( I still do this! Kind of!)
2. Always hang up your clothes right out of the dryer- no wrinkles! (I'm not going to lie- this never happens)
3. A clean house makes you feel better. I have found this to be true the 3 times in my kid-filled life that I have experienced it.
4. You are never too young/ old to clean. Everyone had a job, no matter their age.

It's in the spirit of life lesson #4 that I am writing this post.
Joe and I have been trying to instill a good work ethic in our kids by having them earn a wage for chores done around the house. They have gotten really good at cleaning up the living room or bonus room after playing, putting their shoes where they go when we get home, taking their folded clothes up to their rooms to be put away, cleaning up the table after meals, and dressing themselves in the mornings.

Abby earned a whole $.50 for folding the kitchen towels when they came out of the dryer! She has gotten so good, I thought I'd share.
She's watching the boys' show in the background while she works.

See, Grammy? She's ready to come visit and help you!

All folded, nice and pretty! And she put them away when she was done! I know Gommy Bradley would be proud to see Abby in action!


Joanna said...

I know Gommy would be proud, and I know I certainly am! Can Abby come live with me? Andrew would also teach her a thing or two about cleaning. ;)

Love you,

Pat said...

Abby does have a lot of that Gommy Bradley hustle! I miss her so much--well, Gommy, that is, and all of the Delks, of course.

And all of you Delks had a special place in her heart.

Grammy Pat