Wednesday, July 11, 2012


When grammy and Pa Joe came to visit, the original plan was to visit the Aquarium and take a walking tour of downtown Chatt. However, the heat nixed that idea. Grammy Pat had a better idea- swimming! So, we packed up out swimsuits and floaties and drove to their hotel.

 Isaac had a blast jumping into the pool! I was impressed with his bravery!

 Abby loved "swimming" with anyone who would take her around the pool. 

Andy jumping into the pool

Abby's turn!

After swimming, Daddy had to go home to get clothes, so we got to hang out in Grammy and Pa Joe's room!

Had some trouble keeping the kiddos awake so they wouldn't spoil their nap times later. 

During their nap time (at home) Grammy and I escaped to the outlet stores in Dalton to have a birthday shopping trip! Loved it!

Thank you, Grammy and Pa Joe! Come again soon!

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Pat said...

What cute little water babies! We had such a good time!

Grammy Pat