Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Summer Miracle!

It doesn't have to be Christmas time for miracles to occur! Joe was in the garden a few days ago and he brought in a head of broccoli.

Well, today 2 of my children requested some broccoli. Abby and.... ISAAC.
That's right. You read that correctly. My first born who hates all things vegetable, will pitch a fit when asked to eat foods other than chicken nuggets, requested and ATE broccoli with ranch dressing.

And I have proof.

Of course, with Isaac I had to pretend that it wasn't the biggest deal since the US bought Alaska. I kept it cool, patted him on the back, and let him eat his broccoli. :)

So, on this day in 2012, I would like to thank God for this miracle. And for ranch dressing.

1 comment:

Pat said...

What a champ! What a hero! If it grows in Daddy's garden, it must be good!

Grammy Pat