Monday, May 21, 2012

Silly Saturday

It was just a normal Saturday. Joe had to go in to work (unexpected) and Mommy was lucky enough to find a Glee Marathon in progress. The twins came downstairs when they heard the groovy beat.

They've got the beat! It's a shame they don't have any finesse. We'll work on it.

When Daddy came home, it was playtime.

 I see London, I see France!

 My turn! Me! Me!

Yep, just a normal day at with the Delks.


Joanna said...

Tell Abby that's how Aunt Boo dances when she's at the club (just kidding...kind of). Love you Delk dancers!


Pat said...

Once upon a time, even their graceful and moveful Mom was doing Devo moves. We all get better. I love that they're moving around and getting the ants out of their pants! Oh, wait--is that the name of the dance?

Grammy Pat