Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grammy and Papa Delk

Joe's birthday was October 30, and Grammy and Papa Delk came to visit and celebrate! I honestly don't know what the kids were more excited about- seeing grandparents or having a party!

No party is complete without presents! Each of the kids received a teddy bear!

You had better believe that candy was taken away very quickly! We have a gallon sized baggie full of candy that the kids get to have a piece out of when they eat all of their dinner. I might have had to sample some of the chocolate, just to make sure it was fresh. :)

After the grandparents left, Abby pretty much commandeered the teddy bears. No one can be as good a mommy to the bears as Abby!

I'm glad the boys were feeling photogenic! Not sure what Abby's problem was.

Here's Abby showing off her sticker creation. Each of the kids also got a Halloween card complete with stickers from Grammy and Papa!
All in all, it was a fabulous party for the kids, and we're lucky that Daddy was born so we could all get together!

Thank you, Grammy and Papa Delk!

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Pat said...

Happy birthday, Joe D!

Grammy Pat