Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fun with Aunt Beth

Because summer just wouldn't be the same without a visit from Aunt Beth, or Uncle Beth as Isaac likes to call her, we celebrated her arrival in style by going to.... McDonalds!!! And the Heavens rejoiced!! Aunt Kitty (Melissa) came was well to help with crowd control. We made sure they ate first, then they got to play!!

Andy made sure to clean his plate... and Isaac's and Abby's. He really does take after his Papa Joe after all!!

Isaac was nice enough to show Andy how to make the game make noises.

Help!! They have me trapped!!

Look where I am!!!

Abigail "Jones" facing the Playground of Doom!!

Just sitting here, waiting for Isaac to come down

Isaac actually played on the playland today. This was his first time being brave enought to go through all the tunnels. The first time, he followed another kid and went down the small slide. (the green one) But this time, he went in alone and... got a little lost. Aunt Kitty was about to go in after him, but he managed to find his way to the twisty slide, and came down unharmed. He wanted to go again, but we needed to go have diaper change and nap time.


Pat said...

Gosh, when the Delks show up, they completely take over the facility! When are you going to form your own baseball team?

Grammy Pat

PS. The kids are absolutely adorable. Can I go next time?

Jenny said...

Looks like great fun! Hope everyone had a big time (and took big naps!)