Saturday, May 22, 2010

Three Major League Ballparks

Hello Everybody. Isaac here again. I wanted to show you pictures from the three major league ballparks I have been to on this trip.
After I slept in my big boy bed, we woke up and headed to Cincinnati. Daddy and I took a tour of the ballpark and I got to sit in the dugout. Here is me telling everybody how I miss the Lookouts being a Reds affiliate.

I also got to run around on the field some. Daddy took this picture while sitting in the dugout.
We also got to go on the field and check out the warning track. I couldn't wait to run on the grass but Daddy would not let me.
That night we watched the Pirates and Brewers. I really like the game but it was very loud. They played a movie at the beginning that really scared me. Daddy liked the video but I hid behind my seat for most of the rest of the game.

The next day we work up early and hit the road. We went and watched the Phillies and the Cubs. Daddy wore his Braves shirt (underneath his other shirt because he is a 'fraidy-cat) and I tried my best to put a curse on them.

It did not work because the Phillies won. One thing they had that I did like was a Phillie Phanatic shoe slide. It was really fun.

Even though the Phillies won, I still had fun and Daddy got me a bat. I love getting bats.

We had fun, but Daddy was glad it was the last MLB game of the trip.

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