Tuesday, July 14, 2009


A few weekends ago, we visited Grammy Pat and Grandpa Joe for my birthday. Joe, Jason, Kevin, and the little boys went to watch a Nashville Sounds game while the Jenny, Joanna, Grammy, myself and the twins had girl time at Jenny's house.

We found that the boys has the same baseball shirt, so of course they had to match!

Here is Uncle Jason holding Andy. Andy only had one scare when Uncle Jason used his "deep voice". We have found that Andy is a bit of a scaredy-cat. Uncle Travis from next door scared him one day just by saying "boo"- and he didn't do it loudly or anything.

Here is Abby in her pretty French dress from Aunt Boo. The matching clips would not stay in her hair.

Here is Andy in his big boy outfit. Isaac wore the same outfit to church, but would not stay still for pictures.
Last, but not least, a really cute picture of Cousin Joshua. He loved playing with the babies!


Jenny said...

Joshua still talks about going to the game with the guys! He makes sure to name everyone that was there. Maybe this whole ball game thing is growing on him.

Pat said...

Glad to see everyone practicing up for picture day next week!

Grammy Pat