Friday, July 10, 2009

Play time

Here are pictures of play time. This summer we don't do a whole heck of a lot. Miss Laura, the nanny, comes three times during the week to watch the kids so I can get work done around the house. We have had morning outings to the zoo, the park, the mall, and McDonalds (the playland). Aunt Kitty has to come with us, or we would never have enough room for everyone. Anyhoo- here are some pictures of us playing around.

I have found that laying a sheet on the floor for them to play on is the best idea ever! I just throw it in the wash every night and they play all day! (It was Grammy Pat's idea)

Abigail is the more inquisitive twin. She wants to get into everything! She will roll, crawl, reach, and squirm until she has what she wants. She goes all over the room and is most interested in Isaac's books and sippy cups, and anyone's toes and shoes.

Andrew is not as interested in testing his boundaries. He is satisfied with the toys on the blanket and only rolls when he sees that Abby is coming towards him. He is not as proficient at crawling as Abby yet, but he does notice how mobile she is and I can tell he is jealous.

He is very proficient at growing teeth; he now has 3 to Abby's 0.

Isaac loves to make the twins laugh. When they are in their bouncy seats or in the ExerSaucer, he will get right in their faces and laugh. They love it.

Here is Isaac being good for the camera. It doesn't happen often.
Here is Andy enjoying his carrots. There are no fun pictures of Abby eating because she would never allow herself to be photographed with food on her face. She is much too dignified.


Jenny said...

They are having such a good time! I love seeing those pictures of them grinning and playing!

Pat said...

Gommy Petty deserves the credit for the sheet on the floor idea. That's how you girls started your world wanderings.

What great smiles on these little ones' faces! Make sure you get Miss Laura's picture for their memory books.

Grammy Pat

Joanna said...

Hmm, I wonder who Isaac gets his distaste for the camera from...haha

Such sweet pictures, such sweet little faces. Can't wait to see you at Gommy's birthday party!