Sunday, May 10, 2009


Well, the Delk house has been full of sickness.

Abby is over her UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), but her bladder is still refluxing into her kidneys. She is currently on medication for that, and will go back for a check-up in 6 months.

Andy is currently on his 5th ear infection. He is also being treated for thrush, which he got because of all of his medications for ear infections. Woo-hoo. On the plus side, our pediatrition is now on board for ear tubes.

Isaac is doing great! He still has snot everywhere, but I figure that will go away once he is away from day care for the summer. He is loving all the baseball games with Daddy, and has to sleep with no less than two baseballs at night.

He is also adding to his verbal and nonverbal vocabulary. He adds the sign language that we have taught him to all the words that he knows. On Friday he informed me that he wanted pizza and ice cream for dinner, so that is what we had. He also adds, "What's up?" to his, "Hey!" when you talk to him.

Mommy and Daddy are doing well. Daddy is working hard at work, and Mommy is hardly working. (just kidding) I am, however, looking forward to the end of school. Only two more weeks with kids!!! Then I have a week of in-service- which is fine with me.


Pat said...

Who knew we had future Abercrombie models in our midst? What adorable shots, both black and white and color. Glad to see Mom in some of the pix--Dad got his chance in the last post!

Gramma Pat

Jenny said...

Love these pictures! I put a few of them up on Mom's Walgreens site. You know how she loves her prints! We'll be praying you have a very smooth last 2 weeks of school!

Joanna said...

I saw you posted on Jenny's blog that you are coming into town...are you coming the weekend of memorial day? Let me know your plans, so I can know when I need to be in the 'boro. I'm so excited to see you and the twins!