Thursday, April 9, 2009

Atlanta Braves 4-4-09

Hello Everyone. Just wanted to share Isaac's first game of the 2009 season with you.

Isaac, Grandpa Joe, and I went to the last Spring Training Game of 2009 this past Saturday between the Detroit Tigers and the Atlanta Braves. Thanks to Stub Hub, we got really good seats (at least it was the closest I have ever been at Turner Field),

Isaac seemed to have a lot of fun. He did not want to leave the seats even when Grandpa Joe tried to take him to the play ground. It does seem odd for a 2 year old to want to stay and watch the game over a playground. I am not complaining though.

Above is a shot of us in our seats. Unfortunately the guy who took the picture had us a little off center. At least he was nice of enough to take the picture.

I think Isaac really enjoyed being this close to the action. (Daddy did too.)

We got to get close to take some really great shots of some of the players as well.

Above is Placido Polanco of the Detroit Tigers.

This is pitching prospect Tommy Hanson when he came into the game.

Carlos Guillen spent most of the game in front of us.

Here Isaac is ready to get into the lineup as a pinch hitter. I think he could have taken on the Detroit pitching.
Well all in all it was a fun time. Isaac will get one more shot at a big league game before we start in on the minor leagues this coming Friday when we are going to the Braves opener. Hopefully it will not rain. Thanks to Stub Hub again, we got even better seats. Right next to the Braves dugout! Maybe Bobby Cox can get some pointers from Isaac on when to pull his bullpen pitchers.


Jenny said...

I'm glad you guys had such a nice day! What beautiful weather! Isaac looks like he's ready to take the field!

Pat said...

Joe really enjoyed the game and was amazed at how in tune Isaac was with all the action. I think someone's ready for batting and catching practice! Great pictures, Joe!

Gramma Pat