Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A step in the right direction

That's right ladies and gentlemen!! Isaac took two steps!!

Let me tell you the whole exciting story...

It began on Tuesday afternoon once Jocelyn and Isaac got home. Jocelyn put Isaac down so she could get some things done. He pulled himself up in the ottoman and turned towards where his loving mother sat on the couch. He pulled away from the ottoman... and walked the two steps from the ottoman to the couch; into the loving arms of his mother.

It's the stuff of novels! It has love, adventure, thrills, and a happy ending. Who could ask for more?

Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures... but here are some from when he got his train. He's always been advanced for his age.

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Jenny said...

Congratulations Isaac! We're so excited for you! We're also very happy that you have a blog so that your cousin Joshua can keep up with what you've been up to. :) Hopefully Joshua will be following in your footsteps soon. :-D