Saturday, February 23, 2008

Party Time! Excellent!

Isaac's actual birthday is a few days away, but we decided to party early. It was an Aunties party, with people from school and church. Mostly, it was an excuse to get together, with Isaac at the center. It was a success! Isaac had a great time and the adults had fun eating and gossiping.

This is the cake that Isaac picked out himself. We went to Publix (the best place in the world!) and while we were looking through the cake book, he jumped and started screeching when this page came up. He likes cars, who knew? Also, Publix is kind enough to give parents a baby cake for the child to dive into, as long as it is the child's frist birthday. I am in love with Publix.

Isaac is in love with his cake.

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Jenny said...

I'm so glad Isaac enjoyed his birthday party! The cake looks great on him. :) I'm also very impressed with the Hot Wheels cake - it's looks so good!