Saturday, August 24, 2013

Fun Day in Nature ... Excuse to post some fun pictures

OK everyone out there. We have had an ongoing battle in our house over electronics...laptop, Ipad, Nook, Kindle Fire, etc. Isaac has become addicted to video games. I can understand this...but I also understand why my Dad got ticked off at Craig one time over a Gameboy. Craig missed one of the most beautiful sunsets witnessed in the Sequatchie Valley because he had to make it to the next level of Tetris...then wondered where his Gameboy went for a couple of weeks.

The other night we had an amazing rainbow outside our house. Andy and Abby were thrilled with it.

Isaac was ho-hum about it and quickly returned to beat the next level of Plants vs Zombies.

This more than a little frustrated me and Andy is usually more than happy to sit next to Isaac and watch him slay evil zombies with vegetables he won't touch.

So, the past two weekends, Abby and Andy have been out in nature and trying to convince Isaac that it is cool and way better than video games. Abby even says that waterfalls are better than watching Dr. Who. So today we decided to kidnap Isaac and make him enjoy some nature. We took a little excursion to Fall Creek Falls. I would say mission accomplished. Isaac said multiple times that this was the most awesome day ever.
We hiked to the bottom of the Falls and spent quite a bit of time down there today. Isaac got over his boredom with Nature. Andy worked on his fear of spiders. Abby collected wild turkey feathers, although by the end of the day she was saying they came from wild chickens.

We then went to the Nature Center and listened to an informative talk about local snakes. The kids got to pet four snakes today and Abby found a baby Northern Water Snake. I freaked out a little of this one because they look similar to a copperhead. But with the information from our talk...I now know that it was a harmless little scare. But you never know when Abby says she has found a baby snake!

Of course the day was not fraught with Daddy adventures in parenting. Andy decided that he needed to pee front of everyone at the base of the falls. Here is his reaction to his public nudity...

Abby also added to the fun. She came up to me while we were playing and said she had to tell me something but it would only make me mad. She then said she needed to potty. No problem, we have done this before, she just holds my hand and leans out...but this time she had to uso el numero dos. SO...we had that at the bottom as well. Abby had trouble understanding what she had fertilized the bottom with.
Please note, this was not an actual picture.

All said, there was fun had by all.

I must admit. It was a really awesome day. God creates a lot of cool stuff.

Isaac smiled and said, "It is good."

I am guessing this will be one of the things they won't mind doing long as we don't go across the swinging bridge. Andy and Abby did not like that one.

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Pat said...

A little more graphic than Jossy's posts, but you DO take excellent pictures, Joe!

Grammy Pat