Saturday, August 13, 2011

Joe's garden

Joe's garden has done wonderfully this season. Joe would probably disagree since he knows all the plants that have thrived or died, but I know what my kitchen counter tells me. We have lots of veggies.
Joe has already pickled okra and canned 2 jars of tomatoes, with more on the counter just waiting. He also told me that he almost has enough okra for another jar. Travis and Kayla have already enjoyed a jar- not pickled. They know that real okra is fried.

One crop that I know Joe has been waiting for finally came in, but not how he expected.

Any guesses as to what these are? Well, due to the recent drought and high temperatures, they are deformed cucumbers! Joe brought them in and just had to laugh. I don't know if he's hoping for more from the same plant or if they are a bust, but I think it's pretty funny!

So, what does one do with deformed cucumbers? Give them to the kids to play with!

Here's Abby using hers as a camera!

Then she realized that it was food of some sort, so she took a big bite. I asked Joe if they had been cleaned, but he seemed unconcerned. He told me that Snoopy never peed on them in the garden, so they were OK. (It's comments like those that make me worry about his judgment in some things)

Andy decided that he wanted to eat his too.
Abby worked on hers the rest of the morning. Andy wasn't impressed, so Abby worked on his too.

If we do get some non-deformed cucumbers this season, I plan on preparing them they way Gommy Bradley used to. I guess we'll just have to wait and see!


Pat said...

They look like cukemelons to me. Are we sure Joe isn't experimenting with hybrids? A major breakthrough--a watermelon you can eat like an apple!

Abby just proves that everything tastes good when you help grow it!

Grammy Pat

Jenny said...

I totally thought they were baby watermelons. Too funny!