Thursday, July 29, 2010

We love visitors!

We love when visitors come to play with us! Here are some people who have come to see us lately...

Some of our favorite visitors are our neighbors! This is Aunt Kiki and UncleTravis. Abby asks for Kiki at least twice a day. Kiki encourages Abby's girly nature by talking about things like shoes, purses, and shopping. (You know, things Mommy doesn't care about) It's a good thing Abby has such a good mentor!

Isaac likes Aunt Kiki too, but his favorite is Uncle Travis. Isaac gets very excited when he hears Travis' lawn mower; he goes to the window to watch. He also likes going next door to watch Travis play video games.
I couldn't get Andy to sit and smile, but we did try! Andy likes Kiki and Travis too. He likes anyone with a lap to sit on.

Uncle Craig came to visit us recently. He came to go with Isaac and Joe to a Braves game. (see the post below for details about the game- the one where Isaac got 2 balls)
Andy was the only one lucky enough to get a pic with Uncle Craig.

Also visiting with us is the famous European model, Isaac Benjamin. Notice his "haute couture" outfit. And his expert posing. He is touring America now, mostly baseball games. His poses are "Baseball chic".


Joanna said...

I would like to note that Jocelyn would not have been able to "haute couture" without my help. Glad to be of service. Cute pics as always. Pretty sure even Tyra Banks would be impressed with Isaac's angles. ;)


Pat said...

Cute as cute can be!!!! Glad to see you all enjoying your last hazy, lazy, crazy days of summer vacation.

Grammy Pat