Saturday, January 23, 2010

Turner Field Tour

Hey Guys! Isaac here, taking over the blog again because Mom and Dad won't update it. I wanted to share a few pictures today from a trip that Daddy and I took. Daddy, I think, is getting pretty tired of me asking if we were going to a baseball game everytime we went anywhere, so he took me to Turner Field today, the Home of the Braves.

The tour was pretty neat and I got pretty excited when we came to the ballpark. Baseball, finally! We went all over the stadium. From the luxury suites to the press box to the field. I really liked the field. The picture below is where we came out of the visitor's tunnel and onto the field. I was pretty impressed.

Of course Daddy said he had to get a picture of me in the dugout. This makes the third one I have been in. I know Daddy's planning on hitting a couple of more this summer. I guess you could say I have been in 10% of the MLB dugouts.

Daddy promises he will post some more pictures later on but for now, I just want to let you guys know who my favorite team is. Go Braves!


Pat said...

Papa and I sure do miss all you baby Delks, and the grown-up ones too!

Grammy Pat

Jenny said...

What fun! I'm sure he (and Joe) were in baseball heaven!