Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Minnesota Trip - First Pics

Hello everyone out there! This is Isaac posting on the blog. Daddy and I just got back from our trip to Peoria, IL; Des Moines, IA; Minneapolis, MN; Milwaukee, WI; Chicago, IL and Indianapolis, IN. We had lots of fun. I have so many stories to tell in the next few days from our trip that happened but first I just wanted to share some pictures of me in all those places.

The picture above is when Daddy and I went to Chicago to Millennium Park to see "The Bean." It was a really neat sculpture in downtown Chicago. Of course, I would not pose the way Daddy wanted me to.

I was really amazed by my reflection in the sculpture. I had a lot of fun staring at myself in it.

Daddy and I got our picture made in the Milwaukee Brewers' radio booth. This is right after I got my diaper changed in Bob Uecker's bathroom. I can almost hear him saying: "That's just a bit smelly."

Daddy also got my picture made in the Brewers' dugout. Now I have been to two dugouts in the major leagues.

Above is a picture from last year when I was in the Washington Nationals dugout.

I also got a chance to play on the field at Miller Park. Above is a picture of me breaking for a fly ball in center field. Actually, I was just getting ready to run on the grass again.

Daddy also took me to Wrigley Field. I did not get to see a game there, but it was pretty fun to see one of the oldest parks in the big leagues.

Well I will tell you the stories later how I almost got dad in trouble with the police in Minneapolis and how I got a free ball in Milwaukee because I pitched a fit, but for now I am just waiting on the next big trip with Daddy.


Pat said...

Love the pictures and the commentary! Isaac looks a little less like a garden gnome this year--maybe it's because he's getting around more on his own and riding in the stroller less.

More, more!

Gramma Pat

Jenny said...

Glad it was a good trip. I really looking forward to seeing you guys next weekend. I hope Joe had a great Father's Day!